Our Founding Story

In 1998, six brethren worshipping at Lighthouse Evangelism heeded the call of the Lord to branch out and set up a new church named Marina Foundation Fellowship 滨海磐石团契, to cater for Mandarin-speaking churchgoers.

Marina is chosen as it represents salvation for those arriving by sea into Singapore, and a launchpad for evangelism far and wide.


These three couples — Lim Liat and Ang Puay Koon, Wilson Teh and Rachel Shing, and Henry Ong and Connie Yew, put their hands to the plow and in April 2004, an English service is formed to serve the needs of a growing congregation. The fellowship is renamed Petra Church and 滨海磐石团契 is also changed to 滨海磐石教会.

Petra – ‘Bedrock’ in Greek – is an acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is the bedrock of the church.


2005 – 2015

In these ten years, Petra Church launches a range of teaching and ministering courses, and begins to incorporate core values and traditions.

Courses and practices such as Gospel Academy (GA), Gospel Encounter (GE), Experiencing Inner Healing and Prophetic Giftings, provide ministry and equipping for wholeness of mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Ministering to the Lord, Culture of Honour, Hosting the Presence, Harp & Bowl, Kingdom on Earth, – these core values form the DNA of the Petran family.

A series of Israel-honouring traditions through the Jewish Feasts are also observed; Feast of Tabernacles, Passover, Aaronic Blessing — these give Petra Church a unique perspective in these end times.

Through all of God’s leading and maturing, the leadership body realise the calling of Petra as

We are a family of God that raises His sons and daughters to reveal the Father’s glory.


In 2018, Petra Church celebrated its 20th anniversary with a thanksgiving dinner themed Eternity Begins Now, a call to look back at what God has done in the last 20 years and a call to align our lives to the eternal purposes of the Kingdom.