Happiness Group Events



25 May & 1 Jun 2019


There are 2 upcoming Happiness Group events.

The first is an in-house training on Happiness Group. If you want to host a Happiness Group, do come and be trained! It will be conducted on 25 May & 1 June, at CT Hub Room 1&2 from 12pm-3pm.

The second is a Happiness Group Introductory Sharing by Kaohshiung Blessed & Blessings Church. If you want to know what exactly is Happiness Group and its effectiveness in sharing the gospel, this is for you.

Venue: Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church
Time: 9am – 6pm
Fee: $15 Cash Payment/PAYNOW to be made to Petra Church UEN S98SS0136J.
Note that no lunch is included.

Register online here.

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